• Jupon

Each season, the collections have been shot by various photographers whom include: Thirza Schaap, Muriel Borovi, Ulla Nyeman, Louis Décamps, Romain Sellier, Franck Juery, Harten, James Mollison, Alcide Rioche, Denis Felix, René & Radka et Patrick James Michel. All of whom were part of the many talents who “leaned over Lili Gaufrette’s cradle” in order to capture the perfect light, the dream scenario.

Lili Gaufrette encourages the stimulation of children’s vivid imaginations through stories such as, In The Woods, In A Bubble, In South America, In the North Pole, In The Winter Garden, Its Birthday or in Family. These enchanting stories narrated by art director, Valérie Azria mesmerize children every time.