Family Album

Brune & Elsa Winter 2013
A family album revisiting with subtlety "the attic of our grandmothers"

The pages, one by one, reveal a chic and slightly retro collection.

Some are robbing the jewelry box of Grandma,
So that dresses, underskirts, jacquards and accessories sparkle.

The others are tinting the checked and flowers prints with sober colors,
While the hound's-tooth is playing with the "Tie & Dye".

The last ones are hiding in the leopard fur,
Or in wool coats accessorized with "Python" details.

Brune & Elsa are gently closing this Winter 2013 album,
Upon a Lili Gaufrette collection characterized by its creative and timeless imprint.


Patrick James Michel is a multi-faceted photographer and adventurer. His work is focused on the world of fashion, adventure, cow-boys and surfers. He has published his fashion photographies in different magazines and has been nominated several times for his graphic and photographic performences.


  • 1 - Bijoux
  • 2 - Jacquard
  • 3 - Tricot
  • 4 - Carreaux

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