Winter Garden

Falsely "wise" harmonies for an Enchanted Collection...

In a strange and wonderful winter garden, Dots prints interlace with Squares and Tartans, giving a revisited "College" look for some "Lilies" coming out of a fairy tale.

As if by magic, Dresses and Furs, soft and warm, Sweaters and Cardigans, soft and sparkling interweave with refined materials and details.

Bewitched by golden fabrics, ornated by feathers or laces, Lili takes us into a magical world.

From an imaginary decor where small rabbits enchant us, to "Pop" fluo or golden details, Lili brings us into a fantastic "universe"!


Denis Felix turns towards photography at the age of 25. His long career in Fashion, Advertising and his researches on portrait start quickly and enable him to become a worldwide famous portraitist "reporter".
Since more than 18 years, his trips and the richness of his work allowed him to publish by the end of the year 2011, a reference book "Au fil de l'homme". Through more than 100 pictures, Denis Felix goes accross men, their history, their nature.


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