Lili blows out its 15 candles in a sweet and festive atmosphere, for a sparkling Summer 2013 collection! Happy birthday to you...Miss Lili!

Flocks of light and refined dresses, pleated or flounced, turning with tulle, guipure, bows and lace.

Smooth farandoles with pastel colors, white, light pink and vanilla, playing with dresses of bright and contrasting colors, bubble, fluorescent or grenadine.

Round dance of "birds" prints, stripes and dots, dancing with fantasies, brooches, hairclips and belts.

With its "Anniversary" dress and its Fashionette miniature version, Lili signs an exceptional dress to celebrate its 15th birthday. Anniversary collection for a unique summer in Lili Gaufrette!


René & Radka, duo of Germano-Czech photographers, live in Paris and work as a team since 11 years.
After collaborating with international magazines and prestigious fashion brands, they extend their work on the Art scene with solo exhibitions in Paris, New York, Florence, Bratislava and many others...
The TV channel Arte realized a documentary about their work.


  • Pois
  • Vanille
  • Blanc
  • Pétales

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